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Involve children in the planting and maintenance of a garden dedicated to Mother Mary.

Often these gardens will have a statue of Our Lady as the focal point, but this is not compulsory.

An idea is to plant flowers which can be connected to Mary. For example:

  • Marigold ('Mary's gold') 

  • Daisies (also called 'Mary's star')

  • Any blue flowers

  • Roses

An extensive list of Marian symbol flowers has been linked below.

Ways to emphasize the garden's connection to Mary:

  1. Pray the rosary with your children in the garden.

  2. Pray the Hail Mary while you take care of the plants.

  3. Pick flowers from the garden and place them at the feet of a Mary statue.

  4. Pick flowers from the garden and gift them as an act of kindness when visiting.

Image by J K
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