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Women and the Assumption

A beautiful friend (hi, Holly!) shared a reflection on the Assumption which resonated with me in the depths of my heart. Her words give me a new point of connection with the Assumption, and I want to share them with you, too.

Holly writes...

When considering the Assumption, I couldn't help but think about the wounds and false notions we women have in regards to our bodies. This special feast has an important message for us which is rooted in the fact that Mary was taken up to heaven both "body and soul." Our Blessed Mother understood the dignity and holiness of her body. It was never an obstacle for her, but rather the means through which she glorified (not offended) God, and the way through which she brought Christ into and to the world. The feast of the Assumption provides an opportunity for us to ponder some important questions: Do we see our bodies as a way to glorify God or an obstacle to our holiness and salvation? Do we ever thank God for our bodies or do we simply critique them?

This was a timely reminder as I 'battle the scales' and struggle with my self-image. While I am on a (loooong) journey to health and fitness, I must remember that my body is good and, importantly, it does good. May I never forget that it is the means through which I can give glory to God.

In whatever way this reflection speaks to you, I hope it leads to peace and a renewed sense of God's love for you (yes, and your body!)

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